Okay, Stop Signing Me Up On Your Mailing List without My Permission

Okay, Stop Signing Me Up On Your Mailing List without My Permission

What Bothers Me


I’m just going to hop right in and say it: signing me up on your email list without my written permission—and obviously without my knowledge—is just plain tacky. No, it’s trifling behavior. 

And quite frankly, I’m tired of it. 

What makes you think that you’re the exception? You’re not. If I’ve done business with you or have shared some type of conversation with you that clearly implies that I wouldn’t mind you signing me up on your list, then fine. No great. See, the thing about me is that I am very supportive of small business owners. When we don’t support each other, our drive can sometimes drag behind us (or under us for that matter). 

But, I draw the line at desperation and a lack of respect. 

Although I go through this problem with mid to large size businesses as well, small business seem to take the lead in this one.

No one should be that unprofessional or desperate enough to obtain someone’s email address for the purpose of building their numbers. If your list hasn’t grown in over 6 months organically, then you need to re-evaluate what you’re dishing out to your potential clients, readers, customers, or whomever it is you’re trying to reach. 

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Confessions: Reality Check

Confessions: Reality Check

Confessions: From the Diaries of Jasmine 


January 19, 200X

“Once in your lifetime you come to a reality: everything you went through and thought about over the years are all summed up in one ball. Everything and everyone you cared about or loved are included too. 

But, you know, I’m a big dreamer. I’m always thinking about things inside of my mind and just expect it to happen (at least up until reality slaps me in my face and shows me what’s up and what’s down.) Well, that’s how I used to think. Now, I’m just trying to find myself. 

I’m trying to know who God is and what He is about. I’m trying to block the world out but at the same time invite the world in my life to make me feel good. But, it’s not working. It just seems like everything is good-n-gravy for other people—relationships are going well, health is fine, and people are getting back together. Those people don’t include me. (Yeah, I’m bitter.)

Sometimes I debate with myself on whether I’m just too nice or that I love too much. (Questions?) A lot of times I say yes, it’s true. And I also wonder when someone is going to love me right. No, what IS LOVE? Sometimes I feel sorrier for the word “Love” than my own self and I've been through a lot. But, somehow in some way, this is all going to make sense –eventually.”

I didn’t have my life all figured out at this point, but I knew that I had come a long way from where I initially started. Let’s look at three things I observed from this confession:

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7 Steps that Will Guaranteed Keep the Past “in the Past” (But, Only if You Follow Them)

7 Steps that Will Guaranteed Keep the Past “in the Past” (But, Only if You Follow Them)

Womanhood Calls


You’re done. D.O.N.E.

At least that’s what you keep telling yourself. But, after many hopeless attempts at ending that one relationship that has single-handedly ruined dozens of opportunities, drained your finances, and wasted your time, you’re still nowhere closer to making it clear that their time in your life has expired.

You’re miserable because you want this season of your life to pass, be over and done with. But, the only way that’s going to happen is if you make it clear to yourself that this is what you really want to do. 

Here are some tips below to keeping your past, in the past:

1. Communicate with yourself FIRST. 

Examine your feelings, readiness to handle the situation, and your strength to stand firm in your decision. These things must be done before you approach anyone.

2. Communicate your final decision to the other party (or parties).

It’s better to communicate your feelings of why you don’t want that person to be a part of your life anymore, than to try and make them figure it out. This method only drags things out and creates a ton of bitterness. Caution though, conversations like these are hard to have and may conjure up feelings on the other end that were unexpected. 

3. Don’t fall victim to their pleas.

The person on the losing end of the relationship (friendship, family, or significant other) will possibly try to bargain and reason with you. Do not give in. Because you have taken the necessary steps to evaluate the situation and your decision, there is no need to be persuaded. When you have made up your mind to let your past stay in your past, then that’s what you have to do in order to live the way you want—without the hassle or drama. 

4. “Lock up Shop.”

When you have closed the door, make sure it’s shut—lock and key thrown in the fire. Don’t say to yourself “I’m finished with this situation” but have a revolving front door. It won’t work—ever. 

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